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Watch the TTXGP Infineon race in full!

A lot of people have been waiting to get their hands on a video feed of the TTXGP race that was run in California at the Infineon race track earlier this month and the good new is, we have it! If you can, switch your audio on as the race announcers do a pretty good job of covering the first officially sanctioned electric motorcycle race in US history. Lanjut →

The Zero X Electric Dirt Bike

Have your weekends been getting a little drab and repetitive? Zero Motorcycles think they have the perfect solution, meet the Zero X Electric Dirtbike, a silent running trailblaster that can pelt you up a mountain side by side with two stroke KTM’s on Sunday afternoon and then take you to the office on Monday morning without skipping a beat or emitting so much as an atom of carbon (well, locally at least). Lanjut →

Zero Motorcycles DS

Zero Motocycles, arguably the current industry leader, has just come out with a series of 4 updated fully electric motorcycles, ditching the all white designs of the previous generation Zero has incorporated red and black into their new (and very well received so far) designs with an option for blue if you feel that way inclined. The Zero DS or Dual Sport pictured above is a crossover bike designed to be highly capable both on and offroad and features a not too shabby range of 50 miles (80 kilometres) with a 4 hour recharge time. Lanjut →

The Zero S

Zero Motorcycles is currently producing 3 of the best electric bikes that people who aren’t Jay Leno can afford, that Zero S pictured above retails for just $9,950 USD and costs less than $.01 per mile to operate, throw in the 10%¬†Federal Tax Credit for people purchasing in the US and it quickly becomes apparent that having one of these would be cheaper than taking public transport. And a hell of a lot more fun. The Zero S has a range of 50 miles (80 km) and a recharge time of 4 hours from a standard outlet, has no gears to fiddle with and produces enough power to take you to a top speed of 55 mph (90 kph). Lanjut →

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