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Wind Powered Electric Car Crosses Australia

In the days of shrinking oil reserves, Middle East conflict and climate change it’s always good to see people taking some initiative and achieving what was previously thought to be impossible. Australia is a continent famous for sunshine, clear skies and long roads, two German inventors decided to take it upon themselves to build a wind-powered 2 seater electric (road legal) car, pack their own wind turbine and cross the 3,100kms (1,926 miles) between the West and East coasts of the country. Powered by nothing but the wind. Lanjut →

The Beautiful All Electric Nemesis Supercar Hits The Road

The Nemesis is the kind of electric supercar that we need a lot more of, a 330bhp beast handbuilt in Britain by former motorsport engineers the Nemesis is 100% powered by wind turbines run by the UK electricity company Ecotricity. Lanjut →

The Power Of Wind

Wind power is one of the USA’s most reliable and abundant natural forces, the wind farms needed to harness this carbon neutral power source are popping up across the country at such a rate that it has been called the “wind rush” and there are billions of dollars to be made. Lanjut →

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