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First Pictures Of The VW Bulli – A Retrotastic 60s Van

VW are bringing back their classic 60s van with the Bulli concept, pictured above and below, the retro electric van features an iPad as the centre console and has seating for 6 in a unique 3+3 configuration. Lanjut →

The 261 MPG VW Formula XL1 Production Prototype

The engineers at Volkswagen are claiming that the above Formula XL1 Prototype has a mpg rating of 261, a staggeringly high rating if it turns out to be true. The hybrid car is set to be unveiled at the Qatar Motor Show this week, an interesting choice of show for a car designed to drastically cut oil consumption and the resulting demand for oil from the Middle East. Lanjut →

VW To Sell Cheap Electric Cars In China By 2014

VW has serious ambitions for China, yesterday announcing that they’ll be aiming to sell 10,000 electric cars in China between 2014 and 2018. That’s a relatively modest goal considering that China is the worlds largest car market and that Nissan managed to sell ~20,000 Leaf electric cars in a matter of months this year. Lanjut →

Electric Volkswagen Golf In 2013

Volkswagen chairman Dr. Martin Winterkorn has clearly reiterated the company’s position on electric cars saying that we will see an all electric Volkswagen Golf in 2013. Interestingly he also alluded to not compromising on vehicle range, this is currently a big problem with lithium-ion batteries, and would potentially indicate that the VW partnerships with Toshiba and Samsung on battery technology may have made some technological steps forward that have not been made public yet. Lanjut →

The Volkswagen Electric Bik.e

No, that isn’t a typo it’s called the “Bik.e” although we’re unsure how you would pronounce that out loud. It’s made by Volkswagen (XETRA: VOW.DE)¬†and it folds up in a remarkably clever and efficient manner (read: German manner) into something that fits into the spare tire well of your car. The Bik.e features a nifty in-frame lithium-ion battery pack that powers a hub motor on the rear wheel. The range is Lanjut →

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