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Volvo C30 EV – Coming In 2012

Volvo is on track to release the C30 EV in 2012, the 2 door hatchback has a 100 mile range and the same aerodynamic Kammback design profile seen on the Nissan Leaf, Toyota Prius and Honda CR-Z. Lanjut →

The Volvo C30 Electric Car

Volvo has announced that it is working with Göteborg Energi on electric vehicle development and related recharging infrastructure with Volvo delivering 10 100% electric C30s by autumn 2010. The initial model will be a test bed for future Volvo electric cars and will feature a lithium ion battery system capable of powering the C30 for 150kms on a single charge with a top speed of 130kmph. Volvo states that the recharge time for a fully depleted battery will be ~8 hours and that the 150km range will be more than enough for 90% of Europeans daily commute. Lanjut →

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