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The Venturi America Dunebuggy EV

Venturi have been producing electric sports cars since 2002 in small numbers (about 10 per year), the boutique automaker ¬†based in Monaco released a new model at this years Paris Motorshow called the Venturi America EV and as far as we can tell it’s a modern take on the 60s era VW based dunebuggy. Lanjut →

The Venturi Buckeye Bullet 2

This is the fastest electric car in the world, by a wide margin. The Ohio State University has been developing quite a name for itself in speed racing circles with the vehicle pictured above, the hydrogen fuel cell powered electric drive Venturi Buckeye Bullet 2. Students from the Center for Automotive Research at Ohio State built the Buckeye 2 and in 2007 they set the fastest ever time for a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle at 300.992 mph.¬† Lanjut →

3 Electric Sports Cars You Can Buy Today

The Venturi Fetish

Venturi is currently based in Monaco and are hand building the Fetish (pictured above) in very limited numbers. The car is a super-luxury item and commands a price tag that’ll hurt your cerebral cortex but the performance specifications go a long way towards making up for it. The Fetish leaps from 0-100kph (0-62mph) in just under 5 seconds, has a 160kph (100mph) top speed and a 250km (155 mile) range, the price tag is 297,000 Euros (about $364,000 USD) but you’ll be able to console yourself by Lanjut →

Venturi buys Voxan Motorcycles

Venturi have announced that they are taking over French motorcycle manufacturer Voxan and will move their production facilities into the same factory that Venturi produces the Venturi Volage in Sable-sur-Sarthe, France. Venturi produce very unusual electric cars and have made it clear that Voxan is to become a 100% electric motorcycle company with the first model being released in 2013. If Venturi is anything to go by the new Voxan bikes will be ludicrously expensive and very unique in the styling department. Stay tuned for updates. Lanjut →

The Venturi Volage

Love it or hate it the Venturi Volage is without question a sign of things to come. The styling of the car is said to have been “shaped by the wind” which I am assuming is fancy Monaco-talk for aerodynamic. The technological innovations in this car are quite significant though, with two electric motors per wheel (one for the suspension and one for power) the Volage also features touch screens inside that allow the driver to configure the car to their current whim. The projected range is about 200 miles (320 Kms) and it’ll drag you from 0-62mph (100 kmph) in 5 seconds, or at least it will in 2012 when the very limited production is set to begin in the teeny-tiny-principality of Monaco. And no, there is no price listed as yet although we fear the very sight of all those zeros would cause our eyes to bleed. Click through for more pics and the press release. Lanjut →

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