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Jay Leno Meets The Mission R Electric Superbike

The team at Mission Motors took their latest creation, the Mission R, to the world famous Rock Store on Mulholland Drive to show it off. Jay Leno was in attendance and rumour has it he was sniffing around the Mission R and asking questions about ordering one for himself. Lanjut →

The Beautiful Mission R Electric SuperBike

Mission announced their Mission R electric superbike at the Longbeach Motorshow in December 2010 to an impressed crowd of motor journalists and fans, The bike features a 141hp electric motor and a 14kWh lithium-ion battery system, the same system Mission Motors uses for its EVT drivetrain making the Mission R an EVT product ambassador, albeit a very handsome and rather quick one. Lanjut →

Motorcyclist Magazine Reviews The Mission One

You might remember last month we mentioned that Sir Alan Cathcart had visited Mission Motors headquarters to review the venerable Mission One electric superbike, well the review is up over at Motorcyclist and is well worth a read. It’s been a big month for Mission Motors, they’ve announced they are¬†going to follow Tesla Motors into the electric drivetrain development arena with Mission EVT (electric vehicle technology), they also surreptitiously announced the upcoming Mission R electric superbike (we broke the story) that is widely expected to be a platform for TTXGP teams in the upcoming 2011 season. Lanjut →

Sir Alan Cathcart Tests The Mission One

A couple of months ago Mission Motors headquarters was visited by Sir Alan Cathcart, a veteran racer and respected motoring journalist. His review on the Mission One electric superbike isn’t due to be published in print magazines till November but thanks to Mission One we have a few sneak peeks and quotes from the day. Lanjut →

Chip Yates and his 194hp Electric Superbike

The TTXGP racing series has already gone a long way to achieving its goal of pushing forward the advancement of electric propulsion technology, largely in the motorcycle arena but the lessons learnt here are widely applicable elsewhere. Men like Chip Yates are hard at work in small garages around the world working on these electric racing machines, using the much same panach√© as men like John Britten and Burt Monroe, they’re building low budget racing machines that are going to define the drivetrains of the post-oil future. Lanjut →

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