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How Tesla Will Compete With (and Become) Big Auto

If your Sunday has you stuck inside due to a thunderstorm (like mine does) head over to Earth2Tech on the GigaOm network. Katie Fehrenbacher has written a piece on the development of Tesla, she goes on a factory tour and she discusses Tesla’s future competing with the big automakers. It’s well worth a read for the insight it gives into the internal workings of Elon Musk’s little car company that could. Lanjut →

Tesla Model S Factory Tour

If you’ve already ordered your Tesla Model S or even if you’re just in love with the car and hatching plans to steal the first one you see left unattended (like us) you might be interested in a behind the scenes tour of Tesla’s factory and the actual processes used to turn flat aluminium panels into the beautifully curved 4-door electric sedan. Tesla have added a well written article over on their main website detailing the building process with high definition pictures, CAD drawings and more information than you ever knew you wanted to know. Lanjut →

Tesla Built an Electric RAV 4 and a Lexus RX For Toyota

In a move that has even industry insiders reeling, a source deep within Toyota has outlined 2 new all electric models that are currently being developed in a joint Tesla-Toyota deal. Surprisingly Tesla is said to have delivered the first two prototypes last Friday on July the 10th. The popular RAV 4 SUV and premium SUV the Lexus RX underwent a full electric conversion, apparently the SUV’s were chosen due to their ability to carry the extra weight of the lithium-ion battery packs without suspension and chassis strengthening. Lanjut →

The Tesla IPO – Buy Now or Wait?

Tesla shares under the NASDAQ name TSLA are going on sale today at $17 a piece in a move that Tesla CEO Elon Musk hopes will bring in close to $226 Million USD for the fledgling electric automaker. Much of the excitement around the car company rests on the shoulders of the anticipation of the upcoming Model S sedan, a $50,000 USD 4-door sedan with a 100% electric drive-train due out sometime in early 2012. Lanjut →

Tesla Taking Europe By Storm

With their latest store opening in Zurich, Switzerland Tesla has been making significant inroads into Europe with showrooms and service centres in Monaco, Munich, London, Switzerland and plans for a Milan store just around the corner. Interestingly Tesla’s largest market per capita for the Roadster is Switzerland with 50+ of the all electric sports cars currently zipping around the country. Singapore is said to be Tesla’s next foray and it will also be the first Asian showroom with plans for Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo and Hong Kong doubtless not too far behind. Lanjut →

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