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Tesla Recalls 439 Roadsters

Tesla issued a voluntary recall yesterday for its 2.0 and 2.5 model Roadsters, the issue has been reported as a defective low voltage cable. The recall was triggered when a Tesla Roadster caught fire after the 12 volt cable shorted out, apart from the obvious risk of fire the cable controls important systems like airbags, headlights, taillights, turn signals and hazard lights. Lanjut →

Tesla Roadster Does An 11.46 Second 1/4 Mile

The Tesla Roadster set an 11.46 second 1/4 mile at the 2010 Speed Trials of the Brighton & Hove Motor Club, the longest running motoring event in the world. Piloted by UK sales manager Gian Avignone (pictured above), who then drove home to London with the battery still half full. Lanjut →

Tesla Launch Shiny New Website

Tesla seem to be working their PR Team to near death this week, following the much touted IPO Tesla launched the new 2.5 version of the Tesla Roadster and now they have unveiled a new website with a clear focus on visual content and a front page reference to their new Toyota partnership. Tesla are clearly pushing hard to keep their name on the front page of media outlets and keep the stock nice and pricey. I’m not sure what else they have up their sleeve but we’ll be keeping a close eye on them whilst hoping the coffee pot in the Tesla PR office doesn’t run out. Lanjut →

Tesla Releases The Roadster 2.5

Tesla Motors has announced the newest iteration of its Roadster electric sports car, the Roadster 2.5. The car features an updated rear diffuser, an updated front end (fascia), the addition of an optional 7″ touchscreen GPS/navigation system, better interior sound proofing, bucket seats with better lumbar support, directional forged wheels and power control hardware (for driving in hot climates). Lanjut →

Why We Need Hybrid Cars

We are in the midst of a fuel revolution, fossil fuels are a finite resource and despite our best efforts, they will run out sooner rather than later. Our entire planet is working up to shift its primary energy source from fossil fuels to renewable energy and nowhere is this more pertinent than the automotive industry. With this impending lack of the fuel that has driven much if not all of the 20th century we are now working hard on alternatives, from hydrogen to ethanol to batteries to biodiesel we are trying to find an adequate replacement for oil and gasoline, a plentiful source of liquid energy that has powered us to school, to work and to holiday since the day we were born. Lanjut →

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