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Finally Unveiled! Meet The Tesla Toyota RAV4 EV

The Tesla powered RAV4 has finally been unveiled at the LA Autoshow, Elon Musk was on hand for the unveiling of the electric SUV which is the first of about 2,000 that Tesla will be producing for Toyota over the next 2 years. The Tesla/Toyota RAV4 EV will have an average range of 100 miles, a DVD navigation system, a unique front and rear fairing and the exact same cargo capacity as the gasoline version of the RAV4. Lanjut →

Tesla To Build 2,000 RAV4 Electric SUVs – Delivery In 2012

Tesla’s intrepid CEO Elon Musk announced yesterday that Tesla will be building 2,000 electric RAV4 SUVs for Toyota with a delivery date of 2012. The first of these RAV4s will be on display at the LA Autoshow next week, all we have to go on so far are the teaser images above and below. Lanjut →

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