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Tesla Stock Falls 8% After Negative Rating

Tesla shares took an 8% hit today after a negative rating by Capstone Investments, they initiated a “sell” rating with a $22 price target, TSLA shares are currently trading at ~$30. Tesla shares have been a bit of a rollercoaster with a low of $14.98 and a high of $36.42 since the IPO this year, it seems that speculators can’t decide if they love or fear the electric car maker. Lanjut →

Brabus Team Tunes The Tesla Roadster

German tuning company Brabus recently took in a Tesla Roadster and added some further performance tweaks, the bright blue Roadster now features a carbon fibre front lip, a rear spoiler and more advanced rear diffuser, the car also now sits on Monoblock S alloys front and rear. Lanjut →

Tesla Shares Have Now Doubled In Value Since IPO

Tesla shares went live in June 2009 at an initial price of $17 USD per share, that value has now over doubled to $35.32 per share, a feat made all the more impressive by the fact that Tesla has yet to turn a profit. The reason for the overwhelmingly positive investor sentiment around the company is the high-level of faith large automakers like Toyota and Daimler-AG have in the plucky California start-up with Toyota recently paying over $60 million USD to Tesla to electrify 2,000 RAV4 SUVs. Lanjut →

Finally Unveiled! Meet The Tesla Toyota RAV4 EV

The Tesla powered RAV4 has finally been unveiled at the LA Autoshow, Elon Musk was on hand for the unveiling of the electric SUV which is the first of about 2,000 that Tesla will be producing for Toyota over the next 2 years. The Tesla/Toyota RAV4 EV will have an average range of 100 miles, a DVD navigation system, a unique front and rear fairing and the exact same cargo capacity as the gasoline version of the RAV4. Lanjut →

Tesla Gives Toyota CEO A Free Roadster

Akio Toyoda received the keys to his own brand new Tesla Roadster 2.5 today in Tokyo, the Toyota CEO is the first owner of a Tesla in Japan. Elon Musk was on hand to give the keys to his Japanese counterpart in a modest ceremony at the brand new Tesla store in Tokyo. Lanjut →

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