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Tesla Model X SUV Coming This Year

Elon Musk has gone on the record saying that the forthcoming Tesla Model X SUV will be publicly shown this year, possibly in Q3, indicating that Tesla is further along in the electric SUV’s development than many had predicted. Lanjut →

Tesla Shares Could Hit $50 By 2013

An analyst with JP Morgan predicted on Monday that Tesla shares could surpass $50 within 3 years, the stock is currently trading at $24.49 after seeing a 7% rise based on the analysts report. Lanjut →

Rent a Tesla Roadster for $25 an Hour

Getaround, a new start up that allows people to rent cars from each other, bypassing the line at the Hertz counter, has just added the Tesla Roadster to its increasing list of cars for rent. $25 an hour for a $157,000 car is a very good deal so if you’re keen to have a go head over to Getaround and sign up for the free beta. Lanjut →

Tesla Roadster Breaks New Distance Record – 347.2 Miles

The 1,000th Tesla Roadster to roll off the production line made a closed-course run of 347.2 miles on New Years Eve and New Years Day, the new record (longest distance ever covered by a production electric car) may not stand for long though, Tesla Roadsters have been breaking records ever since the first record breaking run of 313 miles set in 2009 in the Australian outback. Lanjut →

Fantastic Look At The Engineering Inside The Production Version Of The Tesla Model S

Tesla has released a new video of the production version of the Model S Sedan, it comes in 3 parts and we’ve posted them all below so sit back, click play and prepare to covet thy neighbours electric car. Lanjut →

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