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Tesla Model X SUV Coming This Year

Elon Musk has gone on the record saying that the forthcoming Tesla Model X SUV will be publicly shown this year, possibly in Q3, indicating that Tesla is further along in the electric SUV’s development than many had predicted. Lanjut →

Fantastic Look At The Engineering Inside The Production Version Of The Tesla Model S

Tesla has released a new video of the production version of the Model S Sedan, it comes in 3 parts and we’ve posted them all below so sit back, click play and prepare to covet thy neighbours electric car. Lanjut →

Tesla Stock Falls 8% After Negative Rating

Tesla shares took an 8% hit today after a negative rating by Capstone Investments, they initiated a “sell” rating with a $22 price target, TSLA shares are currently trading at ~$30. Tesla shares have been a bit of a rollercoaster with a low of $14.98 and a high of $36.42 since the IPO this year, it seems that speculators can’t decide if they love or fear the electric car maker. Lanjut →

Fisker Automotive Boosts Karma Price To $95,900

In a move that may very well decide the outcome of the electric car wars before they even begin Fisker Automotive today announced that they will be charging $95,900 USD for the base model Karma electric car. This is a price increase of $15,900 USD over its initially stated price (in 2008) and puts the sedan at close to double the cost of its nearest competitor, the Tesla Model S which has a sticker price of $56,400 USD. Lanjut →

Tesla Shares Have Now Doubled In Value Since IPO

Tesla shares went live in June 2009 at an initial price of $17 USD per share, that value has now over doubled to $35.32 per share, a feat made all the more impressive by the fact that Tesla has yet to turn a profit. The reason for the overwhelmingly positive investor sentiment around the company is the high-level of faith large automakers like Toyota and Daimler-AG have in the plucky California start-up with Toyota recently paying over $60 million USD to Tesla to electrify 2,000 RAV4 SUVs. Lanjut →

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