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Fully Charged Reviews The Plug In Prius

Robert Llewellyn is back! This time covering the plug in Toyota Prius with a great 10 minute episode. The Toyota Prius is the best selling hybrid in the world by quite a margin, one feature many owners have been requesting for years is the ability to plug it in and it looks like Toyota has been listening (thankfully). Lanjut →

Robert Llewellyn’s Fully Charged – The Mini E

Robert Llewellyn is back with another episode of Fully Charged, this time focussing on the Mini E – a 100% electric vehicle that is currently being tested in California, the UK and Germany. Fully Charged is released almost weekly and Robert Llewellyn’s easy style of interviewing people, usually whilst driving the electric car being featured, is a great way to get a feel for a wide variety of new electric vehicles without ever having actually seen them in person. Lanjut →

Robert Llewellyn is Back! Fully Charged – The Nissan Leaf

Robert Llewellyn is back with an all new episode of Fully Charged, this time featuring the Nissan Leaf. Fully Charged usually runs for an easily digestible 10 minutes or so and Robert’s style of presentation makes you feel like you’re in the car with him, this episode is no different and if you’re interested in electric vehicles you’ll probably want to subscribe to the free Fully Charged podcast though iTunes. Full episode is after the jump! Lanjut →

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