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iEV: An Electric Car Simulator for iPhone

One of the largest things slowing down electric vehicle adoption is “range anxiety“, it’s essentially a fixation many people have that an electric car doesn’t have the range they need for their day to day life. Most electric cars have a 100+ mile range and the average American drives less than 27 miles per day, however in spite of this, range anxiety continues. Lanjut →

How Will The Electric Car Affect The Great American Road Trip?

With current electric car technology featuring relatively limited range (up to 100 miles – 160 kilometres usually), what is the future of the Great American Road Trip? Generations of Americans have packed the station wagon and set off on road trips with friends or family, driving hundreds or even thousands of miles across the US and stopping in at sights like the Grand Canyon and Mount Rushmore, taking photos and creating memories that last a lifetime. Are these the final days of the road trip? If you have an electric car with a 100 mile range, driving cross country will involve stopping and waiting 8 hours for a recharge. Or will it? Lanjut →

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