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Porsche Is Going To Build A Hybrid 911

Porsche is set to continue the hybridisation of it’s model line up with a hybrid Panamera next year, the German automaker already has a hybrid Cayenne SUV on the road as well as a KERS hybrid 911 GT3 currently racing in Europe and the US. Porsche announced that they would be pursuing a production run of the Porsche 918 Spyder Hybrid, a show car that was very well received earlier this year and is expected to be produced in very low numbers for a very high price. Lanjut →

Porsche 918 Spyder Green-Lit For Production

Porsche has green-lit its futuristic hybrid, the 918 Spyder, for a limited production run. There is no word yet on when it’ll hit the showrooms, how many will be made or how much it’ll cost but Porsche have said that this information “will be made public in the coming months”. Most analysts are predicting a $650,000 USD sticker price for the hypercar hybrid. We’ll give you a moment to pick your jaw up off the floor…. All done? Before there is a slew of irate comments demanding an affordable hybrid that the every day Joe can afford let’s remember that this is Porsche and it’ll never be cheap to buy a Porsche. Lanjut →

Porsche is road testing 3 new all electric Boxster Coupés

Porsche is pushing hard into both the hybrid and electric car technology arenas this year and the official announcement yesterday that they have already developed and deployed 3 100% electric Boxsters for daily road testing in and around Stuttgart only seems to reaffirm this push into the brave new world of electric propulsion. History buffs will be quick to point out the Ferdinand Porsche, the founder of Porsche, was building and racing both hybrid and all electric cars around the turn of the century so it seems only fitting that Porsche would set its sights on developing modern cars that echo the forward thinking of the company’s founder. Lanjut →

Hybrid Super Cars – The Way Of The Future?

Hybrids are taking over the automotive space one model at a time with companies like Ford, GM, Honda and Toyota leading the way. As expected the world’s super car builders have been a little slow off the mark here, a little reticent to move away from the V8, V10 and V12 internal combustion power houses that have made them the desire of schoolboys right through to grandfathers the world over. Lanjut →

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