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Phoenix Motorcars Rises From The Ashes

Phoenix Motorcars just lived up to its namesake by rising from the ashes of its 2008 Chapter 11 filing to announce that they’re back and not just that, they almost ready to start deliveries of the worlds first full-production electric SUV.┬áIn an announcement at FedFleet 2010 (July 13th-15th) Phoenix said;

“Phoenix Motorcars is proud to introduce the first all-wheel drive electric pickup truck ready for fleet procurement.” stated Bryon Bliss, VP Sales and Marketing for Phoenix Motorcars. “The FedFleet 2010 conference provides an ideal opportunity to debut our enhanced Sports Utility Truck. We will begin deliveries later this year.” Lanjut →

The Phoenix SUV

The SUV is the favourite villan of the ecologically aware motorist, until now. Phoenix Motorcars is set to begin shipping the above SUT/SUV a little later this year, Phoenix has been through some rough times with chapter 11 being filed in mid-2009, an angel investor has stepped in and saved the company though and we are assured that the first SUT’s are on the way for a 2010 delivery. Lanjut →

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