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Shell Oil Study Confirms Peak Oil Is Upon Us

A new study by the Shell Oil Company called “Signals and Signposts” has been released confirming, or at the very least strongly suggesting, that we have already past Peak Oil and are currently in the decline phase. The decline phase is characterised by oil prices steadily climbing at oil production either stagnates or goes down. Lanjut →

Wikileaks Diplomatic Cables – Peak Oil Is Next Year

Sadad al-Husseini, a geologist and the head of exploration for the Saudi oil giant Aramco apparently met with the US Consul General in 2007 and told him that he believes that Saudi oil reserves have been over estimated by 300 billion barrels or about 40%. Lanjut →

Leaked German Military Report Says Peak Oil Is Happening In 2010

A German military think tank research paper has been leaked online outlining a series of potential national security risks associated with peak oil and goes on to make the startling claim that peak oil is already here. Peak oil is the widely used term to describe the peak of oil consumption before fossil fuel reserves begin to dwindle and competition for the remaining resources heats up, potentially leading to armed conflict, stock market crashes and worldwide civil unrest. Lanjut →

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