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Paolo De Gusti’s Big Battery Naked SE Design Concept

One day, not too far off in the future, we’ll have 3D printers and nano-robots capable of taking a CAD rendering like the example above and turning out a fully functioning final product. Until that day comes we will remain in our current position, coveting what we see on an LCD screen but knowing that we’ll probably never actually see one overtake us on the freeway. Lanjut →

Mission Motors – Racing in 2011

Mission One Motors have announced that they will not be racing in 2010 due to the ongoing work on getting the Mission One electric motorcycle to market by mid-2011, although they have alluded to the new racing bike that they’re working on;

We look forward to getting back to the track soon. It is our goal to unveil our second generation race bike late this season. In the meantime, we wish all the TTXGP teams and series the very best of luck.

This is perfect timing to get the new racing bike on the track for the 2011 TTXGP season, which of course would help a great deal with promoting sales for the Mission One superbike. They’re taking orders for the bike now, the deposit amount is $5000, and the sales price is Lanjut →

Mission One

When I first saw a rendering of the Mission One bike I loved it, I mean it looked like something Luke Skywalker would park outside his bachelour pad, but I felt that there was no way the rendering was going to be translated directly into a finished product. We’ve all seen it many times before, a company that creates a prototype vehicle or rendering that makes your jaw drop when you lay eyes on it only to totally lose the beauty of the original design in the finished showroom floor ready product. Lanjut →

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