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The Beautiful Lightning GT – Going To Monaco

Possibly the best looking electric car ever conceived, the Lightning GT, is on it’s way to Monte Carlo in the hopes of impressing uber wealthy car aficionados. The stunning E-Type inspired design has been widely acclaimed by the motoring world and the battery technology the car is reported to use is quite revolutionary, how does a 10 minute recharge sound? Lanjut →

Rolls-Royce To Unveil 100% Electric Super-Luxury Car Next Month

Rolls-Royce have confirmed speculation that they have been secretly developing a 100% electric Phantom and say they plan to show the car next month. This one-off will be used to gauge the market readiness of the super-luxury car segment to electrically powered vehicles. Lanjut →

Brabus Team Tunes The Tesla Roadster

German tuning company Brabus recently took in a Tesla Roadster and added some further performance tweaks, the bright blue Roadster now features a carbon fibre front lip, a rear spoiler and more advanced rear diffuser, the car also now sits on Monoblock S alloys front and rear. Lanjut →

The Steampunk Retro-tastic Miluira Electric Runabout

Meet the Miluira, it’s a 100% electric retro wagon out of Japan that’ll be available next year for those who want to drive around shouting at peasants and scaring chickens off the road (I like to imagine this is how it’ll be used). Looking for all the world like Mr Toad’s car from the Wind in the Willows the Miluira is almost certain to be popular with wealthy types who need to pootle around their estate in an environmentally considerate way. Lanjut →

First Factory Build Fisker Karma Coming To LA Autoshow

After rolling off the production line in Valmet, Finland the first of the factory build Fisker Karma sedans will make its North American debut next week at the LA Autoshow. The extended range electric vehicle is due to begin mass production in February next year out of the factory in Finland with customer deliveries soon after. Lanjut →

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