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The Phoenix SUV

The SUV is the favourite villan of the ecologically aware motorist, until now. Phoenix Motorcars is set to begin shipping the above SUT/SUV a little later this year, Phoenix has been through some rough times with chapter 11 being filed in mid-2009, an angel investor has stepped in and saved the company though and we are assured that the first SUT’s are on the way for a 2010 delivery. Lanjut →

The Lightning GT

The Lightning GT is quite possibly the most beautiful electric car I have ever laid eyes on, hell it’s one of the most beautiful cars full stop. Designed by the Brits, famous for Spitfires, E-Type Jaguars and being the home country of over half of the Formula 1 teams currently racing, the Lightnings heritage is impeccable. The car features 4 electric motors, one in each wheel and sports over 480¬†kW (650 bhp). The car uses the motors for regenerative braking and as such doesn’t use disc brakes. Lanjut →

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