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The Beautiful Lightning GT – Going To Monaco

Possibly the best looking electric car ever conceived, the Lightning GT, is on it’s way to Monte Carlo in the hopes of impressing uber wealthy car aficionados. The stunning E-Type inspired design has been widely acclaimed by the motoring world and the battery technology the car is reported to use is quite revolutionary, how does a 10 minute recharge sound? Lanjut →

BREAKING – The Lightning Car Company Bids For Additional Funding

The Lightning Car Company today announced an additional stage of financing with the aim of raising an additional 15.5 million pounds (that’s about $24.4 million USD). The funds will be invested in completing the final two phases of the Company’

s evolution, programme development and technical validation, taking the Lightning GT to full production as early as Spring 2012 (which in electric car manufacturer terms actually means autumn 2015).
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The Lightning GT

The Lightning GT is quite possibly the most beautiful electric car I have ever laid eyes on, hell it’s one of the most beautiful cars full stop. Designed by the Brits, famous for Spitfires, E-Type Jaguars and being the home country of over half of the Formula 1 teams currently racing, the Lightnings heritage is impeccable. The car features 4 electric motors, one in each wheel and sports over 480 kW (650 bhp). The car uses the motors for regenerative braking and as such doesn’t use disc brakes. Lanjut →

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