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Prius Killer? Meet The New Kia Optima Hybrid

Toyota has dominated the hybrid landscape for over 10 years now with a market-share percentage comparable to the iPod in the cut throat world of MP3 players. Toyota is undoubtably king, the problem with being king is that everyone else is gunning for your thone. Meet the latest contender, the 2011 Kia Optima Hybrid. This is a good looking car, it may very well be the best looking hybrid on the road when it arrives in early 2011, some say looks don’t matter (but those people drive ugly cars). Lanjut →

The Hyundai BlueOn

Hyundai has announced their first all electric car, the BlueOn. The compact EV has a 140km range (87 miles), is powered by a 16.4 kWh lithium-ion polymer battery system and is capable of 130km/h (80 mph) – making it highway capable. Interestingly the BlueOn is capable of being 80% recharged in just 25 minutes if you have access to a 380 volt charger, the usual 220 volt chargers will take 6 hours to reach 100% putting it inline with the Nissan Leaf. Lanjut →

The Kia Ray

Kia, the little car company that could, recently unveiled its Kia Ray concept vehicle. With 20 inch wheels and a solar cell imbued roof the concept is quite something to look at, using the same essential shape as the Prius and Leaf, an aerodynamic must for reasons of efficiency, the Ray makes intelligent use of solar cells to partially recharge the batteries, the Ray also features regenerative braking and plug-in capabilities. Using it’s litium-ion battery array the Ray can travel 50 mile on a full charge and is the capable of using the built in gasoline engine to travel a total range of 750 miles. Lanjut →

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