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The Hyundai BlueOn

Hyundai has announced their first all electric car, the BlueOn. The compact EV has a 140km range (87 miles), is powered by a 16.4 kWh lithium-ion polymer battery system and is capable of 130km/h (80 mph) – making it highway capable. Interestingly the BlueOn is capable of being 80% recharged in just 25 minutes if you have access to a 380 volt charger, the usual 220 volt chargers will take 6 hours to reach 100% putting it inline with the Nissan Leaf. Lanjut →

The Hyundai BLUE-WILL Hybrid

Hyundai has been surprisingly aggressive in the hybrid vehicle space over the past 6 months with a number of new models either out or announced. The promising concept vehicle above is called the Hyundai BLUE-WILL and it looks like Hyundai’s shot across the bow of the current industry leader, the Toyota Prius.

The BLUE-WILL features an eye catching Lanjut →

The Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

The Hyundai Sonata Hybrid was one of the worst kept secrets of the New York Auto Show and even with all the advance notice we still can’t decide if we like the design or hate it with a passion. The Hybrid Sonata has some rather obvious external design cues from the Mercedes line-up (look at the side profile and you’ll see what I mean) and that front grill could clear snow from the streets of all of Cleveland. Lanjut →

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