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The Beautiful New Imperia GP Plug-in Hybrid

Just when you think you’ve seen every hybrid on the market a boutique automaker comes along with a new concept and blows away the competition. Initially started back in 1909 the Imperia Automobile company went bankrupt in 1948 and was then revived in 2009 by a small team who took the retro styling of the original Imperia cars and added a hybrid drive-train developed by Green Propulsion. Lanjut →

Volkswagen Jetta Going Hybrid In 2011

Volkswagen have made no secret of their intentions to carve out a large space in the hybrid car market over the past few years and the next VW to get the hybrid treatment is set to be the popular Jetta model. 2011 will see the introduction of a hybrid gas/electric version of the 4-door sedan heading to US shores, hoping to take a bite out of the current hybrid king of the hill, the Toyota Prius. Lanjut →

London To Get Hybrid Double Decker Red Buses

London has long been a favourite city of mine, I find everything from the stunning architecture to the excuse-to-wear-scarves-everyday weather and even the wildly eccentric mayor Boris Johnson to be fantastically appealing. The news that London is going to be launching hybrid versions of their infamous double decker red busses is great news, the current fleet of diesel smoke spewing beasts are well past their use by date and the new, sleek and aerodynamic busses will give the streets of London a post-modern retro flair, just in time for the 2012 Olympics. The busses will be built by The Wright Group and are purported to be 40% more efficient than current generation diesel busses, not to mention much quieter.┬áHave a look at the video past the jump for a full rundown on the busses specifications. Lanjut →

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