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The Stunning Honda CR-Z Hybrid R Concept

The Honda CR-Z Hybrid R Concept Car is quite possibly the best looking (affordable) hybrid we’ve yet seen. Sure it’s a little need-for-speed-rice-rockety for the taste of many but when it comes to making hybrid cars appealing to those under 35 this car will do more than any hybrid before it. Vital stats on the car are: 200bhp, 175ft-lbs of torque and the price of the base model will be $19,200 USD. Lanjut →

The Honda CR-Z – The Tuners Have Been Unleashed

The Honda CR-Z is unique in that it is the first mass produced sports-hybrid, until now hybrids have had great fuel efficiency but have been about as quick as a glob of oatmeal. Official Honda tuners Mugen as well as Spoon and HKS have all unleashed their engineering talent onto the 2-door hatchback and the results are impressive enough to convert die-hard-hybrid-haters like the guys at Top Gear into evangelical CR-Z fans. Lanjut →

Honda CR-Z Hybrid Sales Begin In August

Honda is set to begin sales of its much anticipated CR-Z sports hybrid coupé in the US from August this year. The car has drawn much attention over the past 3 years, it originally started life as a design concept in 2007 and is clearly based on Honda’s infamous CR-X coupé. With pricing set to begin at $19,200 USD for the 6 speed manual transmission model the CR-Z will be the cheapest and the sportiest hybrid for sale in the North American market, a fact which has many industry analysts tagging it as a potential big win for Honda in a space currently dominated by Toyota. Lanjut →

Honda Electric Motorcycles

UPDATE – Honda has officially unveiled the EV-neo electric scooter in Japan saying it will initially offer the bike as a lease with sales being an option further down the road. The EV-neo has a range of 30km (19 miles), which is surprisingly limited considering that already established electric motorcycle companies Zero and Brammo offer a 50 mile range (80km) and dare I say it, much better looks, for roughly the same price point.

Original Article – Honda is going to begin selling electric motorcycles in December this year according to the leading Japanese newpaper, The Nikkei. It’s a surprise announcement and it indicates that Lanjut →

The Honda CR-Z Type R Hybrid

Hot on the heels of their announcement that the CR-Z Hybrid was coming later this year, Honda is leaking some teaser images and details on their yet to be announced CR-Z Type R Hybrid. Based on the infamous CR-X, a car that won numerous awards including Motortrends Import Car of the Millenium, the CR-Z Hybrid has obvious styling cues linking it back to the popular 1980’s boy-racer-wet-dream. The Type R variant is going to feature a gasoline/electric hybrid drivetrain with a combined output of Lanjut →

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