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GM Aiming To Triple Volt Production

GM is reportedly aiming to triple Volt production with the current stumbling block being the speed at which LG-Chem can build the cars lithium-ion battery systems. GM has 240,000 potential buyers for the Chevy Volt which is great news for a company that was in receivership just a year ago. Lanjut →

GM Has Been Lying About The Volt

GM has been quite outspoken about its upcoming model, the Chevy Volt, going so far as to correct people who call it a hybrid and asking them to call it a range extended electric car. The difference between the two is that a hybrid must have 2 or more drive systems directly connected to the power-train, for example an electric motor and a gasoline motor as is used in the Prius. Cars like the Fisker Karma are technically electric cars even though they have a small gasoline engine onboard, the gasoline engine is not connected to the power-train and is only used as an “onboard generator” to recharge the batteries on the go. Lanjut →

Chevrolet Volt To Begin Production On November 11th

General Motors have confirmed that the Chevy Volt will enter production on November 11th, the first production run is usually referred to as “Job 1″ and GM spokesman Rob Peterson has confirmed the November date as official. It appears that GM is aiming to coincide the first deliveries of the Volt with the Los Angeles Auto Show which is set to run from the 17th-18th of November, California is largely expected to be the largest consumer of hybrid cars in the US for the coming decade. Lanjut →

Hybrid Corvette On The Way?

Karl Stracke, General Motors VP of global engineering has come out with a statement that has left hybrid and electric car fans with eyes as wide as dinner plates, he was quoted as saying that the idea of a hybrid corvette was “interesting” and then with no pushing from the press added ““You could keep a normal powertain configuration for a small amount of very excited car enthusiasts,” Stracke said. “And turn 80 to 90 percent of your sports-car portfolio to hybridization.” Lanjut →

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