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The US Spent Over 70 Billion Between ’02 + ’08 Subsidising Oil + Coal

Oil companies have been posting record profits year-on-year for the past 6 years which makes multi-billion dollar subsidies all the more frustrating. Lanjut →

Leaked German Military Report Says Peak Oil Is Happening In 2010

A German military think tank research paper has been leaked online outlining a series of potential national security risks associated with peak oil and goes on to make the startling claim that peak oil is already here. Peak oil is the widely used term to describe the peak of oil consumption before fossil fuel reserves begin to dwindle and competition for the remaining resources heats up, potentially leading to armed conflict, stock market crashes and worldwide civil unrest. Lanjut →

Dirty Energy Money – An Online Tool

If you’ve ever wanted to know exactly how deep into your local Congressman’s pockets the dirty energy industry has its hands there is a new website to help you track it down to the dollar. Dirty Energy Money is a userfriendly, interactive tool designed to help you track the best and worst politicians from right across the United States. All you need to do is enter your zip code and choose your representative, the picture below is an example of what you’ll see, a detailed breakdown of contributions helping you sort the politicians who owe the oil and coal industry big time from the politicians who are free from fossil fuel IOU’s. With elections just around the corner this tool is going to be very helpful for a large number of people. Lanjut →

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