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Next-Gen Ford GT Supercar To Be A Hybrid

The rumours are swirling thick and fast this week, Ford is apparently planning to build a new GT supercar with a hybrid drivetrain. The previous GT was released in 2005 and was built for 2 years, the car was Ford’s halo model and in order to match the current trend towards hybrid and electric cars, Ford is said to be developing a 4×4 hybrid GT for the international market. Lanjut →

Electric Ford Focus To Be Unveiled At CES

Facebook pages are becoming an increasingly common way for large companies to tease out information on new products, case in point the picture above is a teaser image of the charging connector on the new Ford Focus Electric that’ll be unveiled at CES in Las Vegas this Friday. Lanjut →

Ford’s First Electric Car – Available In 20 Cities From Next Year

If you’re chomping at the bit to get your hands on an electric car and missed out on the first round of orders for the Nissan Leaf, you might just be in luck! Ford have announced that their electric Focus will be available in 20 cities in 2011 –¬†Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Houston, Chicago, New York,¬†Denver, Lanjut →

The Electric 2012 Ford Focus

Ford might be the dark horse of the electric car world but we won’t know till mid-2011 when they release the 2012 Ford Focus electric. With a range that matches the Nissan Leaf, a highly advanced battery system that implements state-of-the-art liquid cooling and the tried and true platform of one of their best selling entry level car Ford could sneak up on the Nissan Leaf, and there might not be anything Nissan can do about it. Lanjut →

New Ford Focus RS Hybrid On The Way?

Senior sources within Ford have been leaking information about an upcoming RS version of Ford’s very popular Focus model, it appears that we can expect to see a high performance hybrid model with an electrically powered rear axle and a gasoline powered front axle, giving the car a boost in both acceleration and handling. Lanjut →

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