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2012 Ford Focus – Available As Gasoline, Hybrid, Plug-In Hybrid Or 100% Electric Car

Ford has announced that they’ll be offering the 2012 Ford Focus as a normal gas car, a hybrid, a plug-in hybrid and an electric car. The desire to keep their options open makes sense, if gas prices skyrocket due to further complications in the Middle-East, Nigeria or elsewhere we’ll see people buying hybrids and electrics in droves (as we did when gas was over $4 a gallon). Lanjut →

The Electric 2012 Ford Focus

Ford might be the dark horse of the electric car world but we won’t know till mid-2011 when they release the 2012 Ford Focus electric. With a range that matches the Nissan Leaf, a highly advanced battery system that implements state-of-the-art liquid cooling and the tried and true platform of one of their best selling entry level car Ford could sneak up on the Nissan Leaf, and there might not be anything Nissan can do about it. Lanjut →

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