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The Fisker Karma Sunset Coupé

One of the most beautiful and seemingly ready for production hybrid electric concept cars we’ve seen in recent times is without a doubt the Fisker Karma Sunset. The car uses the same base platform as the 4 door Fisker Karma which itself is due out a little later this year, the revised bodywork has won a slew of admirers and although Fisker have announced no firm plans to produce the Sunset although all indications are that we can expect to see either the Sunset or a very similar car to roll out of the Fisker factory sometime after the Karma 4-door begins its first productions run.

Estimated pricing for the Sunset is running at just over the $100,000 USD mark, this would put it well below the Ferrari California ($192,000) and the Maserati GranTurismo ($118,000) and make it quite a bargain when viewed in context. We anticipate the Sunset will be offered with very similar specifications to the Karma 4-door although some have postulated that it might offer a power boost with a subsequent reduction in range. Lanjut →

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