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Tesla Built an Electric RAV 4 and a Lexus RX For Toyota

In a move that has even industry insiders reeling, a source deep within Toyota has outlined 2 new all electric models that are currently being developed in a joint Tesla-Toyota deal. Surprisingly Tesla is said to have delivered the first two prototypes last Friday on July the 10th. The popular RAV 4 SUV and premium SUV the Lexus RX underwent a full electric conversion, apparently the SUV’s were chosen due to their ability to carry the extra weight of the lithium-ion battery packs without suspension and chassis strengthening. Lanjut →

BYD Electric Cars Coming To The US

BYD are a Chinese car company with serious global aspirations and after recently signing on with Daimler AG (NYSE:DAI) to co-develop electric vehicles, no one is doubting their potential. Warren Buffet came onboard in late 2008, buying up a 10% stake in BYD worth $230 million USD, largely due to their enviable chinese market share and to a lesser extent due to their development of electric vehicles that may be heading to Europe and the USA sooner rather than later. BYD has been the toast of the international business community so far in 2010 having been ranked as the 8th most innovative company in the world by Lanjut →

The GM Volt MPV5 SUV Hybrid

General Motors seems to be working hard to earn its federal bailout money in the eyes of the public, hot on the heels of the recent Chevy Volt announcements comes the above pictured concept vehicle – the MPV5 Volt Hybrid SUV. How’s that for a mouthful of a name. The car uses the same basic platform as the Volt, officially called the “Voltec” platform and is widely believed to be a near final concept, meaning that what we see here is very similar to what we will see on the road when it is released.

GM (NYSE: GM) will unveil the car in China tomorrow at the Beijing Motor Show, an interesting move by any measure but a potentially clever one as Lanjut →

The Hybrid Toyota RAV4

Toyota recently announced a hybrid version of its famous RAV4 SUV, coming in 2012 and also made it clear via a quote from Koei Saga, Toyota’s managing officer of hybrid system development, that “Toyota needs to accelerate the 2020 goal to hybridize all the Toyota models.” Having all of the models that Toyota builds running on gas/electric hybrid platforms as quickly as 2020 is quite some goal. Lanjut →

The Phoenix SUV

The SUV is the favourite villan of the ecologically aware motorist, until now. Phoenix Motorcars is set to begin shipping the above SUT/SUV a little later this year, Phoenix has been through some rough times with chapter 11 being filed in mid-2009, an angel investor has stepped in and saved the company though and we are assured that the first SUT’s are on the way for a 2010 delivery. Lanjut →

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