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Pope Benedict XVI Wants An Electric Popemobile

Spokespeople for Pope Benedict XVI have made it clear that the Pope wants an electric Popemobile, the only caveat is that no one has offered to make him one yet. Currently there are no mass-produced electric SUVs although Tesla is building 2,000 RAV4s for Toyota over the next 2 years, it would be a move of PR genius for them to make a white one and send it off to his holiness in Rome. Talk about product placement. Lanjut →

Tesla Model X SUV Coming In 2014

This is great news, obviously it’ll depend on the success of the Model S but Elon Musk is already talking about Tesla’s upcoming all electric SUV which it seems will be named the Model X, although some industry insiders have indicated that Tesla will have a slightly more dynamic name for the Model S and future models before the range leading Model S begins shipping out to customers. Lanjut →

Tesla Lands $60 Million Contract To Build The Electric RAV 4

Tesla landed a $60 million dollar contract with Toyota earlier this week to develop the drive-train of an all electric version of the popular Toyota RAV 4 SUV. You may remember that back in May of this year Toyota invested $50 million in Tesla Motors and announced that the two companies would work together developing both the electric RAV 4 and Lexus RX SUVs at Tesla’s newly acquired NUMMI plant in California. Lanjut →

Toyota and Tesla Presenting Electric RAV 4 at the LA Auto Show

Toyota shot out a tweet a few hours ago saying “Toyota and Tesla will debut the RAV4-EV at the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show in November”. As some of you will remember Tesla announced a few months ago that they had converted a RAV 4 and a Lexus RX for Toyota, Toyota also bought a 50 million dollar stake in Tesla a little earlier in the year, before Tesla’s much touted IPO. The LA Auto Show runs from the 19th to the 28th November this year and is known as one of the bigger international Auto Shows, it also takes place in the heart of California which by and large, will be the biggest market for both electric vehicles and hybrids in the US. Lanjut →

Phoenix Motorcars Rises From The Ashes

Phoenix Motorcars just lived up to its namesake by rising from the ashes of its 2008 Chapter 11 filing to announce that they’re back and not just that, they almost ready to start deliveries of the worlds first full-production electric SUV.┬áIn an announcement at FedFleet 2010 (July 13th-15th) Phoenix said;

“Phoenix Motorcars is proud to introduce the first all-wheel drive electric pickup truck ready for fleet procurement.” stated Bryon Bliss, VP Sales and Marketing for Phoenix Motorcars. “The FedFleet 2010 conference provides an ideal opportunity to debut our enhanced Sports Utility Truck. We will begin deliveries later this year.” Lanjut →

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