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Vespa Rumoured To Announce Electric Scooter In 2nd Quarter Of 2011

Vespa is said to be on track to announce an all electric scooter in the second quarter of 2011 according to a source inside the Italian company. Vespa’s parent company Piaggio is currently building and selling a hybrid 3-wheeled scooter called the MP3 Hybrid which has seen limited success in Europe. Lanjut →

MINI Electric Scooters – Pictures and Video

After seeing the images and videos of the new MINI scooter line up I can officially say that I am going to be needing to own one. Pronto. I fall into the expanding group of people that live in a big city and need a transport solution, preferably an electric one. This demographic is huge in Europe, Asia and parts of both North and South America, the global numbers are in the billions, and for MINI to jump into this space with a retro, 100% electric scooter is potentially a very smart move. Lanjut →

Hipster-Friendly Smart Escooter Concept

Taking what appears to be a similar strategy to MINI, Smart has been developing an all electric scooter concept for this year’s Paris Motorshow (2nd – 17th October). The Smart Escooter is pretty similar to its future MINI built rival with a rear hub mounted electric motor, a lithium-ion battery system, regenerative braking and a Lanjut →

The MINI Electric Scooter

MINI have announced that they will be unveiling 2 electric scooter concepts at this year’s Paris Motorshow (2nd-17th October), details are a little scarce however we can tell you that the scooter will have a rear-hub mounted electric motor and a lithium-ion battery system under the seat. Lanjut →

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