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The ERA Electric Raceabout

Finland seems to be making further inroads into the electric car market with the Electric Raceabout (or ERA for short) pictured above, Finland as you may remember is also where the Fisker Karma is being built, the ERA is a project from Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and is set to take part in the Automotive X Prize later this year. The 100% electric car sits atop Audi R8 suspension which should have a very positive effect on handling and with a weight of Lanjut →

The Fiat Atomik 500


Fiat and Chrysler have announced that they will be working together to develop a 100% electric Fiat 500, similar in many ways to the Atomik 500. This will be the first vehicle that these two motoring giants work together since their alliance last year and we expect to see the Fiat e500 for sale stateside in early 2012.

Original Story

The Fiat Atomik 500 is a good example of what manufacturers could be building and selling by the shipload (if they had the requisite cojones). The above pictured Fiat 500 is highly modified from it’s original form featuring 3 electric motors (2 for the front wheels and 1 for the rear axle) pumping out the equivalent of 300bhp, this coupled with the low-slung lithium-ion-phosphate battery system installed along the Lanjut →

The EMXGP – Moved to October

The organisers behind the upcoming and highly anticipated EMXGP racing series have announced that they’ll be bumping the start of the season to mid-October 2010 in Barcelona, the initial inaugural race was set for Paris in June. The reason is said to be that the electric car builders need a little more time on their vehicles, this is understandable and I am sure there are many out there who would rather see an impressive race in October than a race fraught with breakdowns and non-staters in June. Lanjut →

The Porsche 911 GT3 Hybrid

Being an avid Formula 1 fan I’m always happy to see F1 developed technologies making their way into real-life cars, a great recent example of this evolution is the new Porsche 911 GT3 Hybrid. Using the KERS (kinetic energy recovery system) the 911 Hybrid gathers and stores energy created under heavy braking in an advanced flywheel that spins up to 40,000 rpm. Lanjut →

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