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Mission Motors Announces The Mission R!

After having made it clear that they will be racing in 2011, Mission Motors have posted the above image of an all new model on their website, named the Mission R it appears to be a more track-centric superbike not dissimilar to the Mission One bike that set the world record for an electric motorcycle at the Bonneville Salt flats in September last year (see pictures below). It may very well be that Mission Motors will sell the Mission R as a race ready electric superbike in the same way that the Mavizen bike is currently available for the TTXGP championship. Lanjut →

Brammo Introduces the 2011 Brammo Enertia Plus

Brammo has been on a hell of a roll recently, they veiled the Brammo Empulse electric sportbike a little earlier in the year to a very warm reception and announcing that they would be working closely with electronics manufacturer Flextronics in a deal that would see Brammo’s electric motorcycles being mass produced and potentially coming down in cost by quite a margin. Brammo yesterday unveiled a new addition to its model line up, the 2011 Brammo Enertia Plus, essentially a reworked Enertia that now offers twice the range (80 miles vs 40 miles) as well as a slew of other tweaks and improvements. Lanjut →

TWiT TV Tours Zero Motorcycles

I’ve been a huge fan of Leo Laporte since the very first podcast of TWiT and have been a faithful listener ever since, for those of you who aren’t familiar with the podcast it stands for “This Week in Tech” and features Leo Laporte, John C. Dvorak and regular guests like Kevin Rose, Patrick Norton and many others. The TWiT network has expanded since it was first put on the air and now includes a stack of shows, one of them (TWiT.TV) just paid a visit to Zero Motorcycles and published an episode on the electric motorcycle company, hit the jump to watch the episode. Lanjut →

Mavizen TTX03 Electric Adventure Bike

Mavizen have unveiled their future super-moto adventure bike, based on the venerable KTM 990 Adventure the bike will have a 100% electric drive-train featuring an AC motor mounted inside the chassis. The intention is the have the bike ridden around the world by Norwegen long distance motorcyclist Tormad Amlien over a period of 4 months starting next year. Lanjut →

The Electric Trike That Dr Jekyll Would Kill For

Looking for all the world like some variety of gothic Victorian perambulator this all electric trike is also all solar powered. Built by New York based artist and engineer Josh Hadar the tricycle has a top speed of 45 miles an hour and a 100% electric drive-train that uses a Mars electric motor hooked up to a lead acid battery system, giving it a total range of 30 miles. Lanjut →

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