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The E-Carver by Bar-Design

Infamous web based motorcycle design company Bar-Design have turned their hand to the evolving world of electric motorcycles, the above pictured electric bike is called the E-Carver and we like it (a lot). Lanjut →

Finally! An Electric Motorcycle To Take On The Gas Powered Bikes

Meet Chip Yates. We like him because he builds awesome stuff. Like electric motorcycles that can take on gas powered bikes and actually have a shot at beating them. Hallelujah. The first showdown will be held on January 9th 2011 at the California Speedway, Chip will be competing in the WERA Pirelli Sportsman Heavyweight Twins Superbike class along side superbikes like the KTM RC8 and Ducati 1198r. Lanjut →

Exclusive: Brammo Takes Hong Kong By Storm

Brammo made a significant appearance at the annual Hong Kong bike show yesterday, the massively popular Brammo bikes quite literally took the show by storm to the point I had to apply rugby scrum tactics to get through the crowd and get some pictures. When I got through the crowd of photographers the above image is the first thing I saw, I was of course immediately concerned that the ladies high-heel-shoes might scratch the Brammo Enertia’s paintwork… Lanjut →

Motorcyclist Magazine Reviews The Mission One

You might remember last month we mentioned that Sir Alan Cathcart had visited Mission Motors headquarters to review the venerable Mission One electric superbike, well the review is up over at Motorcyclist and is well worth a read. It’s been a big month for Mission Motors, they’ve announced they are¬†going to follow Tesla Motors into the electric drivetrain development arena with Mission EVT (electric vehicle technology), they also surreptitiously announced the upcoming Mission R electric superbike (we broke the story) that is widely expected to be a platform for TTXGP teams in the upcoming 2011 season. Lanjut →

Mission Motors Announces Mission EVT

Mission Motors has been holding out on us all, in lock step with the Mission R (mini)announcement they have announced a potentially huge new business model, called Mission EVT (electric vehicle technology). In short they will be offering consulting, software and hardware services for electric and hybrid vehicle manufacturers, Tesla Motors currently offers similar services to Toyota and Daimler-Benz. Lanjut →

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