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Venturi buys Voxan Motorcycles

Venturi have announced that they are taking over French motorcycle manufacturer Voxan and will move their production facilities into the same factory that Venturi produces the Venturi Volage in Sable-sur-Sarthe, France. Venturi produce very unusual electric cars and have made it clear that Voxan is to become a 100% electric motorcycle company with the first model being released in 2013. If Venturi is anything to go by the new Voxan bikes will be ludicrously expensive and very unique in the styling department. Stay tuned for updates. Lanjut →

The Zap Alias

Zap have been building and selling electric cars in the US since mid-2007, they have been producing vehicles in low numbers so you might not have heard of them but they are very much a David with the Goliath automakers hot on their heels. Zap decided, rather last minute, to enter the Alias into the Automotive X Prize and much to the surprise of their many nay-sayers, passed the qualification stage with minimal fuss. The Alias is licensed as an electric motorcycle, not a car, so it is officially a “trike” although that really doesn’t do it justice, much in the same way that calling a car a Lanjut →

The Zero X Electric Dirt Bike

Have your weekends been getting a little drab and repetitive? Zero Motorcycles think they have the perfect solution, meet the Zero X Electric Dirtbike, a silent running trailblaster that can pelt you up a mountain side by side with two stroke KTM’s on Sunday afternoon and then take you to the office on Monday morning without skipping a beat or emitting so much as an atom of carbon (well, locally at least). Lanjut →

TTXGP Infineon Results 2010

The first race of the 2010 TTXGP series is over and the results are in with Shawn Higbee taking a decisive victory on his Zer0/Agni bike. The starting line consisted of just 10 bikes this year including the number 23 bike of Jennifer Bromme pictured above (riding a beautiful Mavizen TTX02 she finished in a respectable 4th place). It’s worth remembering that this is only the second season in the history of this fledgling sport and as such we expect to see huge levels of innovation both throughout this season and in the seasons to come. Lanjut →

The Hammarhead Volta 102

Hammarhead Industries is a small company owned by a guy with the coolest pseudonym-last-name in the history of verbal communication (the name is a combination of his last name and his wife’s last name). James Hammarhead is a bit of an overachiever really and as a day job he’s a clinical neuropsychologist at the University of Pennsylvania, when he isn’t doing whatever that rather hard to spell job entails he likes to build motorcycles, preferably English motorcycles, and in this capacity he started Hammarhead Industries (HHI), this is the company that produces the Volta 102, an electric motorcycle that you can Lanjut →

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