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The Hammarhead Volta 102

Hammarhead Industries is a small company owned by a guy with the coolest pseudonym-last-name in the history of verbal communication (the name is a combination of his last name and his wife’s last name). James Hammarhead is a bit of an overachiever really and as a day job he’s a clinical neuropsychologist at the University of Pennsylvania, when he isn’t doing whatever that rather hard to spell job entails he likes to build motorcycles, preferably English motorcycles, and in this capacity he started Hammarhead Industries (HHI), this is the company that produces the Volta 102, an electric motorcycle that you can Lanjut →

Honda Electric Motorcycles

UPDATE – Honda has officially unveiled the EV-neo electric scooter in Japan saying it will initially offer the bike as a lease with sales being an option further down the road. The EV-neo has a range of 30km (19 miles), which is surprisingly limited considering that already established electric motorcycle companies Zero and Brammo offer a 50 mile range (80km) and dare I say it, much better looks, for roughly the same price point.

Original Article – Honda is going to begin selling electric motorcycles in December this year according to the leading Japanese newpaper, The Nikkei. It’s a surprise announcement and it indicates that Lanjut →

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