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The Fisker Karma – Update

The Fisker Karma is going to be built around a state of the art new aluminum space-frame chassis according to a brand spanking new press release from Fisker Automotive. Originally revealed on the 14 January 2008 at the┬áNorth American International Auto Show the Fisker caused quite the stir with it’s flowing lines and cutting edge technology, the newly revealed space-frame is harnesses NASA level engineering and promises some of the highest strength and rigidity ratings of any high-end sports car on the market. Valmet Automotive will assemble the space frames at its facility in Uusikaupunki, Finland (just try saying that out loud, I double dare you). Lanjut →

The Kia Ray

Kia, the little car company that could, recently unveiled its Kia Ray concept vehicle. With 20 inch wheels and a solar cell imbued roof the concept is quite something to look at, using the same essential shape as the Prius and Leaf, an aerodynamic must for reasons of efficiency, the Ray makes intelligent use of solar cells to partially recharge the batteries, the Ray also features regenerative braking and plug-in capabilities. Using it’s litium-ion battery array the Ray can travel 50 mile on a full charge and is the capable of using the built in gasoline engine to travel a total range of 750 miles. Lanjut →

The Bentley Aero Ace Speed VI

Today from the sweet-jesus-I-must-own-one-now department we bring you the Bentley Aero Ace Speed VI concept. Designed by the talented young Gabriel Tam The Speed VI features a 1+1 seating configuration, near perfect 1-1 weight ratio over the front and rear axles and a 100% electric drivetrain. Designed to evoke memories of the Bentley Boys, who very succesfully raced Bently’s in the 1920’s the Speed VI Lanjut →

The Trexa Platform – Version II

With a quiet press release early yesterday morning Trexa shook up the EV world in no uncertain manner. What many have been waiting for in the EV world might have just happened, we might have just had our watershed, Model T moment. The Platform you see above is going to have a starting price of $15,999 USD, this is startlingly lower than most industry guestimations and depending on the cost of the vehicle “upper” or body we could see Trexa Platform based vehicles for as little as $30,000 USD. Lanjut →

The Phoenix SUV

The SUV is the favourite villan of the ecologically aware motorist, until now. Phoenix Motorcars is set to begin shipping the above SUT/SUV a little later this year, Phoenix has been through some rough times with chapter 11 being filed in mid-2009, an angel investor has stepped in and saved the company though and we are assured that the first SUT’s are on the way for a 2010 delivery. Lanjut →

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