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The Aptera 2e Production Model

Aptera unveiled their full production version of their¬†2e electric car yesterday, it differs from the concept vehicle in a number of small ways, you might notice the nose is a little different and there are now clear fit-lines between body panels as well as windows that wind down (handy for drive throughs) the front wheel covers are also a little less streamlined now, taking on an almost “lifted off a caravan” look. Aptera has picked up 9.8 million in private funding so far but company CEO Paul Wilbur openly admits that the company needs Lanjut →

The ERA Electric Raceabout

Finland seems to be making further inroads into the electric car market with the Electric Raceabout (or ERA for short) pictured above, Finland as you may remember is also where the Fisker Karma is being built, the ERA is a project from Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and is set to take part in the Automotive X Prize later this year. The 100% electric car sits atop Audi R8 suspension which should have a very positive effect on handling and with a weight of Lanjut →

Microsoft Hohm

Microsoft and Ford have joined forces to bring us Hohm, a sort-of-clever play on the words “Home” and “Ohm”, in short Hohm is a Microsoft internet application that people can use to manage their home power usage and find areas where they can reduce both their power bill and their carbon footprint. Ford will be equipping it’s electric car fleet to be “Hohm aware”, this will mean that Hohm will manage Lanjut →

The Aptera 2e

The Aptera is what we all thought we would be driving in 2010, when we were kids. I remember watching The Jetsons and wistfully daydreaming about futuristic looking cars powered by whirring little engines that, I had hoped, would fly. Sadly the 2e version of the Aptera doesn’t fly, it does look the part though and with a drag co-efficient of just 0.15 it slices through the air much more efficiently than a Lanjut →

The Seat IBE

Seat, not wanting to be left out of the electric car party that was the 2010 Geneva Motorshow, has announced that they will put the Seat IBE into full production. The 2+2 sports hatchback looks set to compete with the Golf GTi, Alfa Romeo Giulietta¬†and other hot hatches currently enjoying huge popularity across Europe due to their remarkable fuel economy combined with unflinching Lanjut →

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