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The Wrightspeed X1

Faster than anything else on the road with the possible exception of the Bugatti Veyron (for which you need a personal Saudi Arabian oil field just to keep the tank full) the Wrightspeed X1 is exactly what we need to see a lot more of, electric cars that take full advantage of the superiority of the electric motor over the internal combustion engine to make Ferraris, Porsches and anything else on 4 wheels look like a lumbering, antiquated grease-trap. Lanjut →

800hp Bugatti Electric Hyper Car On The Way

Bugatti is said to be working on an Audi E-Tron based all electric car capable of turning out 800bhp and over 1,600lbs of torque. The Bugatti name is no stranger to electric cars, company founder Ettore Bugatti built an EV (the Type 56) all the way back in 1931, initially it was destined to be a personal car for zipping around the factory site but demand was so strong that Ettore commissioned a few more to be produced. This first Bugatti EV had about 1 bhp on tap and a top speed of approximately 20 miles an hour, we expect any new electric Bugatti to eclipse these numbers by a huge, huge margin and some are suggesting this could be the first factory built electric car to achieve a Lanjut →

Pininfarina Unveil Nido Electric Car

Pininfarina unveiled their new prototype electric car today, called the Nido EV the car is designed to be a modular test bed for future electric vehicles. The Nido EV was designed at Pininfarina’s Style and Engineering Centre in Cambiano, Turin (Italy) and is designed to be a highly modular vehicle that can be re-jigged from a 2 door city car, to a 2+2 hatchback, into a light van and everything else in between.

The Nido EV features a 30Kw electric motor, a 21kWh battery system giving the car about a 87 mile (140 kilometer) range on a full charge. The little blue car can manage 0-60mph in Lanjut →

Coda Raises $58 Million In New Financing Round

Coda announced today that they have raised an additional $58 million in financing, with the funds coming from Singaporean firm EDB Investments and Leslie Wexner (Chairman and CEO of Limited Brands Inc (LTD.N)). Coda have also announced plans to set up a Singapore office to work on the development of right hand drive electric vehicles for Asia, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

The 4-door all electric Coda sedan is scheduled to hit North American roads in early Lanjut →

Nissan Leaf Pre-Orders Exceed Expectations

The Nissan Leaf is proving the validity of the electric car market by becoming one of the most hotly pre-ordered cars in production. The total pre-orders in the USA and Japan currently total 20% of the Leafs (yes, surprisingly that is the correct plural) first production run, many are hoping that this is going to open the somewhat sluggish eyes of the automotive industry and result in a boost of 100% electric cars over the next few years. Lanjut →

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