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The Arkii Solar Yacht

Filed under the “do want” category of most eco-concious humans is a boat, preferably a luxury boat, powered by 100% sustainable energy. We featured the WHY Solar Yacht last month and it garnered a lot of attention, I for one actually think the Arkii is a step up from the WHY for a number of reasons, it looks better, is arguably more “buildable” and has a much, much cooler name. The catamaran’s surface is covered in gorgeously curved multi-layed solar cells which, on a sunny day, bring the Arkii up to cruising speed of Lanjut →

The Wally Hermes WHY 58×38 Solar Yacht

In a sure sign the the world economy is slowly recovering from the quagmire of the past year or so the unfortunately named luxury yacht builders “Wally” have teamed up, somewhat inexplicably, with middle-aged-rich-lady-scarf-builders Hermes. The product of this unusual pairing is the above pictured floating-island-solar-yacht named “Wally WHY 58×38″. Yes that is it’s actual name. Lanjut →

The AquaWatt 848

The Austrians are renowned for their craftsmanship, this trait is clearly self-evident in the boats produced by the guys at AquaWatt. They have been producing very high quality electric boats for quite some time now but have yet to really gain a footing internationally, with watercraft like the AquaWatt 848 pictured above though their prominence in the fledgling electric boating industry is sure to continue to rise. The 848 is a remarkably good looking river/lake boat with twin electric motors producing 25 kilowatts each, you can expect to cruise at 6 knots for up to 8 hours before rejuicing the lithium polymer batteries, giving you a range of approximately¬†90 kilometers. Lanjut →

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