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The Highly Unusual YikeBike

The YikeBike is something of an anomaly, the concept was released about a year ago and many who looked at it said something along the lines of “Looks cool but it’ll never make it to production”. Well it just made it into production. For $3,595 clams you too can scoot around town on an all electric + carbon fiber YikeBike, I think this might mean it is now officially the future. Lanjut →

Leonardo DiCaprio – Electric Bicycle Enthusiast?

Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted cruising the streets of NYC on this Ultra Motor A2B Metro electric bike last week, the bike is capable of 20mph with a range of 20 miles (just on battery power) or 40 miles with pedal assist. The bike is a little on the pricey side at $2,699 USD but considering the fact that fuel costs are almost zero (a few cents per charge) it would likely pay for itself in a couple of years through savings on gasoline, parking and/or cabs. Lanjut →

Solar Garages Get Trendy – Meet The Car Arc

Renewable energy production at home is widely expected to be a multi-billion dollar industry over the next decade, focussing largely on solar and wind power generation. There are a number of suppliers already, small companies producing home kits of both solar panels and wind turbines and one of these emerging companies is Bike Arc. Lanjut →

The GRACE eBike

Following on from yesterdays post which saw a lot of people getting annoyed at an $80,000 USD electric bicycle (although admittedly it was a very nice bicycle) I thought it may be best to follow up with an entry on another state of the art, designer eBike but this time it would be an affordable one, by affordable I mean less than 10% of the cost of yesterday’s carbon fibre Jay Leno crotch rocket. Lanjut →

The Pedego Classic Comfort Cruiser

The Pedego Classic Comfort Cruiser pictured above is modelled after the bikes that were prevalent in the 1930’s with one small but important difference, these bikes have discreet electric motors built into the rear hub and a small lithium-ion battery pack mounted on the rear luggage tray. Preferring to use balloon tires instead of suspension the PCCC (that name is just too long to keep writing) offers a smooth ride and the lithium-ion battery can keep propelling you along for 30 miles at 20 miles an hour, which means this bike is actually a potential daily transport option for people who live within 20-30 miles of the office, school or university – especially if they encounter traffic jams and road-related delays on a regular basis (electric bikes zip past traffic jams with glorious impunity). Lanjut →

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