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The ElectraFlyer X – 100% Electric Flight

This remarkable 2 seat plane is powered by a 50hp onboard electric motor and a lithium-polymer battery pack, it can reach speeds in excess of 100mph and can stay airborne for 2 hours non-stop. Originally based on a low-drag glider the ElectraFlyer X is set to cost $65,000 USD when it goes on sale in kit form.  Lanjut →

The Airbus Cri-Cri

Airbus are an aircraft manufacturer more known for planes like their A380 super jumbo than the relatively tiny model pictured above, however as fossil fuels become ever more scarce eyes are beginning to turn to alternate methods of propulsion and electric motors are widely considered to be at the front of the line. The parent company of Airbus, EADS, has begun experimenting with battery powered electric planes, the first of which is the Cri-Cri, a four-propellered, single seater light aircraft designed to test the viability of using batteries, electric motors and lithium-ion batteries for airborne propulsion. Lanjut →

The Boeing SUGAR Volt

Boeing has pulled the sheets off of their Subsonic Ultra Green Aircraft Research (SUGAR) Volt concept, this unique aircraft has an electric battery gas turbine hybrid propulsion system. The SUGAR Volt is theoretically capable of travelling at the same speed as current generation passenger jets whilst using 55% less fuel. The wings have been designed to fold flush against the fuselage to save space whilst on the ground, busy airports are becoming more and more of a problem as the number of jets being serviced continues to climb each year. The Volt will be able to run on either electric (battery) power or its gas turbines and will be capable of carrying 135 people as far as 3,500 miles. Lanjut →

The Sikorsky Firefly – A 100% Electric Helicopter

Sikorsky have unveiled an all electric helicopter called Project Firefly at this years Experimental Aircraft Association’s AirVenture 2010. The Firefly is a modified Schweizer S-300C, a light helicopter renowned for its reliability and safety and will feature twin onboard lithium-ion battery packs that will provide 15 minutes of flight at 92 miles per hour, not much but it’s just the first step in this direction. The Firefly weighs in at a relatively light 2,125 pounds and is currently set up a single seater format. The chopper won’t fly at the airshow but will be on display to the general public, Sikorsky has been working on the Firefly for just over 2 years and have said that the first test flight is still a few months off, citing test pilot safety as their primary concern. Lanjut →

The Elektra One

A German company is working on the development on a 100% electric plane designed for personal use. The Elektra One (pictured above and below) is a single seat sport plane capable of 3 hours of sustained flight before needing to return to its hangar and recharge. The hangar features solar cells on the roof which would supplement mains power in recharging the battery systems. Lanjut →

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