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The El Moto HR-2 Electric Bike

If you imagine the love child of a downhill racing mountain bike and a Brammo Powercycle I think you’ll end up with something very much like what’s pictured above. It’s called the El Moto HR-2,¬†it’s built by two German engineers and is going on sale in July this year. The El Moto has a range of 70 km (44 miles), a top speed of 45 kmph (30mph) and a remarkably light weight of just 45 kilos (about 90 lbs). The bike was designed as a city based solution to a Vespa or Piaggo gasoline scooter and in Europe it’ll probably do very well straight off the bat, busy US cities could see this mode of transportation picking up momentum as well in the not too distant future (read:¬†during the next gasoline price hike). Lanjut →

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