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What Is The Electric Car – New Documentary

Documentary films centered around electric cars seem to be all the rage at the moment with “The Revenge Of The Electric Car” due out soon (a follow up to the infamous 2006 film “Who Killed The Electric Car”). This film isn’t related to either of these though despite the similar title, the trailer (below) looks promising and if you’re a fan of electric cars this film is almost certainly up your street. Lanjut →

Gasland – The Documentary

A video of someone lighting their tap water on fire certainly grabs peoples attention and for good reason, this astonishing phenomena is what filmmaker Josh Fox shows time and time again in his Sundance Film Festival award winning documentary “Gasland”. Focussing on the plight of people across the US whose water and land have become polluted to astonishing levels by companies like Halliburton using a technique called “hydraulic fracturing” to extract natural gas from thousands of feet underground. Lanjut →

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