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Pininfarina Unveil Nido Electric Car

Pininfarina unveiled their new prototype electric car today, called the Nido EV the car is designed to be a modular test bed for future electric vehicles. The Nido EV was designed at Pininfarina’s Style and Engineering Centre in Cambiano, Turin (Italy) and is designed to be a highly modular vehicle that can be re-jigged from a 2 door city car, to a 2+2 hatchback, into a light van and everything else in between.

The Nido EV features a 30Kw electric motor, a 21kWh battery system giving the car about a 87 mile (140 kilometer) range on a full charge. The little blue car can manage 0-60mph in Lanjut →

Coda Raises $58 Million In New Financing Round

Coda announced today that they have raised an additional $58 million in financing, with the funds coming from Singaporean firm EDB Investments and Leslie Wexner (Chairman and CEO of Limited Brands Inc (LTD.N)). Coda have also announced plans to set up a Singapore office to work on the development of right hand drive electric vehicles for Asia, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

The 4-door all electric Coda sedan is scheduled to hit North American roads in early Lanjut →

Land Rover Developing Diesel Electric Hybrid SUV

I’m the first to admit that I’m a huge fan of Land Rover 4×4’s. I grew up being driven around in one and when I got my license the first thing I did was buy one of my own and set to work building it into a beast of an offroader. So you can imagine how happy I was when Land Rover recently announced that they, together with Jaguar, have decided to invest $800 million into environmentally friendly vehicles and the first fruits of that investment will be the concept SUV codenamed land_e due to hit the streets in Lanjut →

The Seat IBE

Seat, not wanting to be left out of the electric car party that was the 2010 Geneva Motorshow, has announced that they will put the Seat IBE into full production. The 2+2 sports hatchback looks set to compete with the Golf GTi, Alfa Romeo Giulietta¬†and other hot hatches currently enjoying huge popularity across Europe due to their remarkable fuel economy combined with unflinching Lanjut →

The Lotus Evora 414E Hybrid

Hot on the heels of their Proton hybrid platform announcement Lotus have released the above pictured Evora 414E Hybrid concept car in Geneva. The Evora has two electric motors, one for each rear wheel, and a small 1.2 litre petrol engine that is used to recharge the batteries in the industry standard plug-in gas/electric hybrid format. Exactly why Lotus chose the ugliest paint/pinstripe combination seen since the early 1970’s remains a mystery although, perhaps as a testament to the buyability of the Evora 414E, we still want one. Lanjut →

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