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Top Gear Test Drives the Citroën Survolt

Top Gear have been slowly converting away from an attitude of repulsion towards hybrid and electric cars to a more accepting and occasionally very welcoming demeanour, not long ago they gave a rave review to the new Honda CR-Z sports hybrid coupé and this last week they posted a video of one of their writers (sadly not Jeremy, James or Richard) taking the Citroën Survolt around the Thruxton circuit in the UK. Lanjut →

Citroën Survolt At The Lemans Classic

Citroën have developed a fully functioning race-spec version of its show-stopping Survolt electric car concept (from this year’s Geneva Motorshow), the steel-tube framed, carbon fibre bodied electric racer has a Formula 1 inspired flat underbody with a chunky rear diffuser and the twin electric motors reportedly turn out just over 300hp. The car packs dual lithium-ion battery packs that propel the car for 124 miles before a recharge is needed, the charge is said to take 2 hours with a bespoke charger or 10 hours on your household 220 volt outlet. Lanjut →

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