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Electric Motorcycle Beats Gasoline Powered Competition At The AutoClub Speedway

Well Chip Yates has done it. He took his revolutionary electric motorcycle to the AutoClub Speedway and beat some of the fastest 1000cc superbikes in the world notching up both 2nd and 3rd place podium finishes in one day. Lanjut →

Finally! An Electric Motorcycle To Take On The Gas Powered Bikes

Meet Chip Yates. We like him because he builds awesome stuff. Like electric motorcycles that can take on gas powered bikes and actually have a shot at beating them. Hallelujah. The first showdown will be held on January 9th 2011 at the California Speedway, Chip will be competing in the WERA Pirelli Sportsman Heavyweight Twins Superbike class along side superbikes like the KTM RC8 and Ducati 1198r. Lanjut →

Chip Yates and his 194hp Electric Superbike

The TTXGP racing series has already gone a long way to achieving its goal of pushing forward the advancement of electric propulsion technology, largely in the motorcycle arena but the lessons learnt here are widely applicable elsewhere. Men like Chip Yates are hard at work in small garages around the world working on these electric racing machines, using the much same panaché as men like John Britten and Burt Monroe, they’re building low budget racing machines that are going to define the drivetrains of the post-oil future. Lanjut →

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