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GM To Increase Chevy Volt Production By 1100%

The CEO of GM, Daniel F. Akerson, announced Tuesday that he is aiming to produce 120,000 Chevy Volts in 2012, a 1100% expansion over the 10,000 Volts planned for 2011. GM had initially hoped to produce 45,000 Volts in 2012 but due to runaway demand has increased the production quota as well as going on the record to say that the Volt will be available in all 50 US states by the Autumn of this year. Lanjut →

Obama Wants 1 Million Electric Cars On The Road By 2015 – Can It Be Done?

Obama came out strongly in favour of electric cars during his State of the Union yesterday, going so far as to say he wants to see 1 million EVs of the road by 2015, just 4 years from now. The US currently offers a federal tax incentive of $7,500 USD for each electric car purchase, similar offers are in place in most European countries and in both China and Japan. Lanjut →

GM Aiming To Triple Volt Production

GM is reportedly aiming to triple Volt production with the current stumbling block being the speed at which LG-Chem can build the cars lithium-ion battery systems. GM has 240,000 potential buyers for the Chevy Volt which is great news for a company that was in receivership just a year ago. Lanjut →

Watch The Chevy Volt Get Built In Under 2 Minutes

Got a spare 1 minute and 55 seconds? The below video just happens to be exactly that long and shows the time-lapse build process of the Chevy Volt, it’s well worth a watch, despite whether you think the Volt is a hybrid or an electric… Lanjut →

EPA: The Volt Beats The Prius In MPG Ratings

The EPA has published  it’s fuel economy figures for the Chevy Volt and Volt fans will rejoice – the car achieved 93 mpg combined city/highway in electric mode, 35 mile range on battery, 37 mpg on gas-only power, 379 miles of total range. Total combined EPA estimate is 60 mpg, that’s better than the 2011 Toyota Prius. Lanjut →

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